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Cat's Pajamas

Ha'Penny - a trailerable cruiser of distinction!

Design No.-15
LOA               24'0"
LWL              22'6"
Beam            7'6"
Draft (b/d)     4'0"
Sail Area        403 sf.

If you are feeling just a bit smug about some of your solutions to the problems that today's young families face, that's okay.  As a young person, you had dreams of owning one of those sleek 35 foot racing machines that the magazines assured you were the greatest things going, no matter that the same magazine has the same assertions regarding last year's model -- each of which rolled off of a fiberglass production line just like a hundred of her sisterships.  Perhaps while one is young and single enjoying the fine art of dinghy racing, things like camping on the floorboards, finding a warm dry shelter, and seats that don't make yours ache after 45 minutes are merely inconveniences.  When one has the safety and welfare of a family to consider (and the alacrity of one's spouse) somehow what were once mere conveniences grow in importance.  Once one begins to reflect on an historical perspective greater in magnitude than his or her own life, the "latest and greatest" from the glossies don't carry the weight they once did.  Placed in the perspective of today's economic challenges, creative solutions have great appeal.
Enter Ha'penny (pronounce it Hay-penny.)  Named for the traditional British currency that represents 1/2 a cent, you have your hand lightly resting on a tiller that guides a boat that you had the satisfaction of building yourself, saving thousands of dollars over the cookie-cutter fiberglass boats you are gliding effortlessly past.  You have under your command a small yacht that can be launched off of a trailer, releasing you from the expense of permanent moorings and freeing you to take your family to unexplored places each weekend.  You have trusted your family to a "shippy-looking" boat that simply exudes character while offering a dry sail, a comfortable motion, and a stable platform no matter what the conditions are.  Your sailing friends at first teased you about the maintenance the brightwork  required until you pointed out that it was epoxy-covered, impervious to water and needing no more upkeep than their 'glass boats.  They gawked at the sail area of her cutter rig until you pointed out that it is always easier to reduce sail as the wind builds than to add it as the wind dies, and when she ghosted past those under-rigged production outfits you held the glee of vindication within you, reflecting on the versatility and pure aesthetic appeal of the topsail cutter rig.  And when your family found that protected little inlet to drop a hook in, well fed and warmed from the chilly breeze of the evening by the tiny coal stove, you realized that there was nowhere at all on the planet that you would rather be than here, listening to the deep breathing of your children as they lay snug in their bunks, exhausted from a day in the sun.  The greatest danger to you right now is simply becoming too smug.
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