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Life is too long to live with an ugly boat!

Thank you for stopping by my website.  My name is Mack McKinney, and I have been messing about in boats of one form or another for nearly a half century.  I realized at a young age that boats and boating were bona fide addictions of mine, but it took me until just recently to confess that boats are my passion!  If you share that passion with me, I would welcome the opportunity to have you look about, offer comments, and start a dialogue with me.  I've yet to meet a boat designer that wasn't heavily opinionated (and convinced that he or she was more right than anyone else) and I'm sure I'm no different, BUT - I also love to be stretched a bit by new ideas.  The one criteria is: whatever it is, it has to work!

On this site you will find images or renderings of concepts that I've finished 3D models of, designs that are actually in progress, and even a few that are often referred to as "stock designs."  If you have an idea for a custom design, please don't feel limited to what you see.  I am more than happy to discuss a custom project with you.  One thing about it -- it will be pretty when it's finished!

WelcomeProjectsBlogAbout UsContact Us